We're back in action with our original line up of Connie Champagne and Vise Grip, Here's to 21 years of hard swingin.

The New Morty Show Promo 2009

The New Morty Show Swings Metallica baby!

The New Morty Show Swings Billy Idol!

The New Morty Show with Vise Grip and Connie Champagne

Sing Sing Sing


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New News!! Promo shots "through the years" are up on the bio page. TONS more photos to come this week for the image gallery.


New News!! Our song "Out of Control" was featured in a scene on Fox's new tv series Point Pleasant, It is on the first Season DVD so pick one up at your local video store!


New sound clips are up!!!!! Go to the sound clips page!! All new mp3s from each album are up. Check out the NEW PHOTOS on the band bio page "through the years". More new pics coming very soon!!

Welcome, dedicated fans! We're online! Now you can find the latest goings on of The New Morty Show and other side projects just by clicking your mouse. You'll find an up-to-date calendar of shows, photos, a band biography, links to show venues, e-mail to Morty, booking information, sound and video clips, and of course the latest happenings in Morty's world. After all, it's Morty's world, we just live in it.

Morty and the gang have three CD's out in stores nationwide for your listening pleasure. They are also available for digital downloads at sites all across the web including iTunes Store. Please check out the updated Merchandise and Soundclips pages for details.


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Morty and other band members are also currently working on many side projects.
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CHECK OUT a great review in the May 2001 issue of JAZZ TIMES. They did a great review of "Straight Ahead"!!!!!!!

And remember gang, call your local jazz radio station and request any tune from the popular New Morty Show release "Straight Ahead". We be getting lot's o' play!

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